Around the Block is the name of a song performed by NeverMind and Gaknew Roxwell, and features Joshua Silverstein. It is featured in the Disney Channel film, Let It Shine, where it serves as a rap battle between Phantom (NeverMind) and Revelation (Gaknew Roxwell). It is featured on the album, Let It Shine.


NeverMind: Check it out, ya'll.

Phantom come alive, in the nighttime, I spit freestyles, I don't have to write rhymes. Flow unrehearsed, I spit a killer verse, when it comes to your rhymes, eh they're the worst. Your flow's sloppy, punchlines brush 'em off me. Yeah I'm so cocky, no way you could stop me. Swag through the roof, believe that's the truth. How'd I know that? Ya'll, I'm living proof. I just know what I do when I'm in the booth. I've got a finer chick, hotter whip, sicker crew. Oh, you just got lyrically smacked, better think twice before you try to clap back. What?

Gaknew Roxwell: Man, why you gotta get up in my face like a airbag? Dude, your breath's bad, you need to step back. In fact, forget that, you need some gum jack, plus a stylist, 'cause you have no swag. DJ say your wa-wa-wa-wack, you wouldn't have ryhmes if you stole my notepad, and you can quote that, put it on a blog, so everyone could read it, I never been defeated. Freestyling's a competiton sport, and Rev' is king, why's this fool on my court? It's not a battle, it's more like a roast. Grab a white sheet, I'll turn Phantom to a ghost. And it's like that, one time for your mind, Revelation with the rhymes.

Music VideoEdit

The music video of the song features Coco Jones and Tyler James Williams in it, and features the rap battle between Phantom and Revelation, with Joshua Silverstien beat-boxing.

Let It Shine (2012) - Around the Block (Movie Version HD)

Let It Shine (2012) - Around the Block (Movie Version HD)


  • Joshua Silverstein, in fact, didn't take part in the song, but rather beat-boxed in the backround to add music.