Big Trouble is the name of a song performed by Tyler, The Creator. It is featured on the television show, Regular Show, where it is performed by Blitz Comet and Big Trouble as a rap battle.


Tyler, The Creator: Ya'll better watch out, 'cause Big Trouble's on the mic now. I'll knock all o' your lights out, with my verse, ya'll be cursing, throwing lights and fireworks. Bow.

Blitz Comet on the scene, you step to me and you're gonna get creamed. Corn, all up in your teeth, you reek. You're the opposite of sheek, you freak, your rhymes are like antiques, nobody wants 'em, they throw 'em all away. Right back from the get-go like your brain is on delay. Matter of fact, yo you better get a check-up, go ask your doctor why you be so ugly from the neck-up!


  • Interestingly, both Big Trouble and Blitz Comet are voiced by Tyler, The Creator, so it seems as if he is versing himself in a rap battle.