CrewCrew Theme is the name of a song performed by Childish Gambino. It is featured in the television show, Regular Show, where it is performed by Alpha-Dog as he explains the basics of his group, "CrewCrew"


Childish Gambino: Yeah, CrewCrew's coming at you. Say it twice, don't forget it, ya'll better catch up to where we're at, you're behind the times, can't compete with our dope rhymes, so you better say your good-byes. We got Francois, Blitz Comet, V-Tron the Jersey kid on the beach, you know we rocks. The Demil-Ishun, the dopest girl on the mic, and Alpha-Dog, I bark the truth, my verses be all nice and tight. So now you know who we are. CrewCrew is the crew shining brighter than a quazar. But you're bizzare, yes you sir are a loser, so cover up that freakish dome and head back home and take your poems.


  • The song makes reference to the popular television show, Jersey Shore, where Childish Gambino says V-Tron is the "Jersey kid on the beach".