Morde-Cry is the name of a song performed by William Salyers. It is featured on the telelvision show, Regular Show, where it is performed by Rigby, where he makes fun of Mordecai in a rap


William Salyers: Hey Morde-Cry, or I mean Mordecai, didn't mean to diss you please don't run away and hide. Saw you sobbing at that movie, "A Very Happy Bride". Here, I'll pass you a tissue, try and have some male pride, 'cause the ladies don't like your sensitive side, like Margaret for example, but I guess that's implied. She just won't get with you, not gonna get with you, never gonna get with you.


  • The title is a pun on the character, Mordecai's name.
  • The term "Morde-Cry" is used another time in Regular Show in the episode Do Me a Solid.